Shade sails are a practical addition to any residential home or commercial premises. The benefits shade sails (sometimes called shade cloths) provide are both varied and surprising. You may discover your shade sail will deliver extra benefits you didn’t initially consider!


Protection from the Climate

Australia experiences a great array of weather, from boiling hot summer days to windy and rainy days. A shade structure can provide the coverage needed to reclaim and enjoy your outdoor area.

Our shade sails can be specifically designed to protect your home from harsh sunlight and the dangerous UV rays that come along with it. Sun sails like these are popular, protecting you and your household property from sun damage. The heat reduction these shaded areas provide can transform the usability of outdoors area, particularly during the middle of Summer.

Waterproof shade sails are becoming increasing popular, granting dry protection from rain. These shade sails are made from a different material to typical shade fabric, ensuring durability in wet conditions.

Our custom made shade sails can also be designed to protect from wind, assisting in shielding areas from windy conditions.





Outdoor shade sails provide an excellent source of privacy for your home. Our custom-designed shade sails can be tailored to your specific needs, protecting your privacy with a shade screen can allow you to enjoy your area in complete seclusion.




Aesthetic Value

Alongside the numerous practical benefits, our sleek design and high quality workmanship can create a shade solution that adds aesthetic value to your home. Our knowledgeable team can assist in helping to create a design consisting of a shape and colour that compliments the existing features of your home. Like any visually attractive addition to your home, a well designed and installed outdoor shade structure can potentially add to the value of your home!




Custom Design tailored to your needs

Our custom designed shade sails can you meet your specific needs. Whether it’s protection from the weather, privacy, an attractive design or any other desire you may have!

Custom designs such as carport shade sails, driveway shade sails, patio shade sails, deck shade sails, pool shade sails, garden shade sails are common, as are specific shapes such as triangle shade sails and rectangle shade sails.

We service a wide area, so if your interested in shade sails in Sydney, Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast or surrounding areas, contact us today!