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Our shade sails are custom made to order to deliver the best possible result no matter whether you’re looking to cover an entertainment area, swimming pool, carport or deck. Our design team employs the latest in computer software technology to provide you with 3D images and shadow projections showing you not just how your shade sail will look but also the new shade it will create.

Elite offers a unique design and build service that provides YOU the QUALITY LIFESTYLE you deserve.

Our Guarantee

When a shade sail is design and constructed right it will add style and value to your home. We are so confident in our service that we also offer up to a full 5 year guarantee on workmanship along with 10 year manufacturers guarantee on shade fabric.

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Take advantage of our free design service contact our office and one of our designers will gladly come to your home to assist you with a range of solutions to meet your needs.
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Why You Need Pool Shade Sails

When you have a pool, maintenance is key. You want to make sure you look after it carefully so that the water stays clean, the filtration system lasts, and even more importantly, the pool itself lasts as long as possible. Besides the typical pool chemicals, pool cleaning utensils and pool nets, pool shade sails are also a must-have for pools. 

Having a shade sail over your pool is a vital part of pool maintenance because swimming pools are expensive, and without adequate care, they will begin to crack and leak. 


The Benefits of Pool Shade Covers

There are various benefits for shade structures for pools. Here are just some of those excellent benefits:

  • Excessive heat and direct sun can do more harm than good to your pool. Firstly, sunshine reduces chlorine levels in the water. Low chlorine levels are not ideal, as chlorine is what keeps your pool water clean and healthy. When you maintain your pool’s PH levels, you also contain your pool’s maintenance, and thus, the finances used to keep it in top shape. 
  • Besides, the cover protects you from the sun’s harmful UV and UB rays which you may overlook while you’re swimming and having fun. You may spend hours on end in the sun and its harmful rays without even realising how long you have been in the sun. Too much sun can harm your health, both short and long-term. The short-term impacts include sun or heat stroke, dehydration or sunburn. 
  • Although you may have a net over your pool to protect it from any large objects falling in, this doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe. Having solid shade sails over pools instead of nets that only provide semi-coverage will ensure more safety for your family. It also means less debris falling in and potentially contaminating the water. A pool filled with debris will also cause dirt build-up on the bottom and change the PH levels of the water, which is harmful, as mentioned above. It also increases the chances of larger debris landing in the pool and damaging the filtration systems. 

These are just some of the fantastic benefits of having a shade sail over your pool. It may seem like an optional thing for extra safety, but it is, in fact, necessary to prolong the life of your pool and to avoid additional maintenance, which can be costly. 


What You Can Expect From Elite Shade and Sails Regarding Swimming Pool Shade Sails

Now that you know why you need a shade sail to cover your pool, here are some reasons to trust us for your next shade sail purchase:

  • We manufacture customised shade sails. We design shading with your particular needs in mind. Whether you are looking for a shade sail for your entertainment area, poolside or deck right next to it, we have you covered. 
  • We are so confident in our ability to provide our clients with high-quality shade sails that we offer a five-year guarantee on craftsmanship and a 10-year manufacturers guarantee on the fabric used to create the sail.
  • Our design of your potential right shade sail fit is free of charge. Take advantage of this offer by contacting us about your specific requirements. We will design a shade sail suited to your needs, and you can decide whether or not you would like to move ahead with the creation of the shade sail. 

About Elite Shade and Sails

Elite Shade and Sails was founded with an intense drive to provide the best customer service and customised shade sails for individuals in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. Our free design services ensure you precisely what you’re looking for without any hidden costs. We offer shade sails for pools and entertainment areas, big or small. With our vast range and free designs available, you’re sure to find the right fit when it comes to shade sails for your pool. 

Give us a call if you are looking for any more information on what we offer.