Fabric Types

Shade Mesh 

There are three leading brands of mesh (HDPE) fabric that we prefer to use on our sails and structures.

  • Rainbow shade is a light weight high strength woven mesh fabric that has very high UV and Shade ratings. This fabric is ideal for most domestic and light commercial applications.
  • Commercial 95 is a heavy duty knitted shade cloth we use in medium to large commercial projects. This material has a high UV and shade rating and has an excellent weight to strength ratio.
  • Monotec 370 is a heavy duty commercial grade monofilament fabric with a fifteen year warranty which is ideal for large commercial and architectural projects.


Waterproof Fabric

PVC-Polyester fabric has been used for structural membranes for more than 40 years, offering flexibility in shape and transparency. It has durability properties of more than 20 years and needs very little maintenance during that time.

Most PVC fabrics will have some form of top coating applied to keep them looking new and clean. These topcoats can be acrylic solutions, polyurethane-acrylic solutions, PVDF solution coats or a PVF film lamination.

Colour Selection Downloads

We have provided the following PDF Brochures for your reference.

Rainbow Shade Brochure.

Commercial_95 Brochure

Monotec Brochure 15 Warranty

Ferrari – 502 Waterproof Fabric

Colorbond Powdercoating colour chart