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Elite Shade and Sails was founded as a company driven to provide the best customer service experience possible for the people of Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast by supplying our customers with a vast range of quality products including shade sun sails and shade structures. Our obligation free design service epitomises our commitment to this by ensuring we deliver the best possible result for each individual customers needs.

Choose the Perfect Shade Sails for Your Central Coast Property

When the hot summer sun beats down on cities and suburbs, many individuals relish the
opportunity to retreat to the comfort of spaces tucked beneath shade sails on the Central Coast.
These structures help with more than just temperature, however. They also block harmful ultraviolet
rays from the sun, which could help lessen the risk of the development of issues such as skin

From shading outdoor dining areas at home to providing large shade structures for local parks or
commercial properties, shade sails are increasingly popular and essential solutions. At Elite Shadeand Sails, we are your direct connection to bespoke solutions to suit the specific needs of your

What is your goal with the structure? Do you want to make it easier to walk through an outdoor area
while staying out of the sun, or do you need to cover a specific perimeter? Whatever your needs, our
highly experienced team offers top quality and dependable results. Consider why you should invest
in shade sails in Newcastle and NSW.

The Importance of Shade Structures on the Central Coast

Although they can provide a unique and eye-catching aesthetic improvement for any property, using
shade sails in Sydney is essential for reasons beyond beautification. Consider why you should invest
in these structures and seek out a proven provider such as our team for help:

  • The reduction in temperature beneath a shade structure can be significant—sometimes
    upwards of 20 degrees. On the hottest days, that capacity makes a noticeable difference and
    helps individuals of all ages to avoid heat exhaustion and other concerns.
  • For businesses, shade structures can protect vehicles as well as visitors and employees.
    Shading a car park can make the experience of visiting a location more enjoyable and less
    uncomfortable in high heat conditions.
  • In some industries, shade coverage is a necessity. Using a proven and professional provider
    in Newcastle for shade sails helps your business to obtain and maintain compliance.

What Sets Elite Shade and Sails Apart Regarding Shade Cloth in Sydney?

Not every shade structure uses the same cloth to block out the sun, and the differences go beyond
basic features such as colour. With three different options for shade cloth, we offer our clients
solutions that are purpose-built for their specific needs. Here’s how our selections make our service
stand out:

  • For homeowners looking to create a well-shaded area at home and business operators with
    only small areas to shade, our Rainbow Shade fabric is the best option. With a high UV
    blockage rating, you can relax with confidence beneath these shade sails in Sydney.
  • For more intensive commercial usages that require large shade areas and robust protection,
    we stock Commercial 95 fabric, which is lightweight yet strong.
  • For the largest jobs, the Monotec 370 fabric is the best choice. Accompanied by a 15-year
    quality warranty, it’s the ideal solution when you need a reliable and long-term major

Problems You Can Solve With Our Waterproof Shade Sails in Sydney

Among the many solutions that we provide, we can offer sails that have specific waterproofing
features that make them more resistant to the elements. Why invest in a waterproofed sail? This
option will help you to avoid issues such as:

  • The lack of a safe space for individuals to use to get out of the rain. When water soaks
    through a shade structure, the area no longer provides a useful shelter. A waterproof
    coating solves that issue.
  • The need to protect outdoor dining areas from the elements, whether at home or at a
    business. Your shade structure can double as a protective awning that keeps the rain out
    when the weather changes unexpectedly during outdoor dining.

Services We Provide Related to Shade Sails in Newcastle

At Elite Shade and Sails, we can provide a comprehensive, end-to-end service for all our clients. We
can flexibly meet large-scale needs or provide assistance in one or two key areas to meet both
business and homeowner needs. When you enlist our help, you can rely on our experience in all the
following areas:

  • Consulting, specification, and engineering. Let us help you determine which shade structure
    will represent the best value for your investment. Once you’ve decided on a solution, we’ll
    handle all the hard work of engineering your installation.
  • Fabrication. We take fabrics from leading manufacturers and work them into beautiful and
    resilient shade structures in our own in-house facilities.
  • Installation with inclusive project management. Allow our team to handle every aspect from
    start to finish so that you can keep your attention focused on running your business or
    household effectively.

What You Can Expect From Our Shade Structures in Sydney

Take a moment to think about the results that our products could create in your real-world
environments. We know that you need your investment to last long after we’ve left the site and
completed the installation. What can you expect from our finished structures? Anticipate:

  • A strong and sturdy structure that resists swaying and stands up to the harshest test of all:
    exposure to Australian conditions.
  • A lessened need for long-term maintenance, with materials designed to last and engineering
    at the highest standard to ensure sturdiness. You won’t need to worry about costly repairs
    after installation.
  • Delivering the precise amount of shade that your location needs. During our design services,
    we carefully analyse the shadows that our structures will create so that your shade remains
    in the right place all year.

About Elite Shade and Sails

Founded with a clear focus on providing shade sails in Australia of the highest quality and in optimal
designs, Elite Shade and Sails has an in-depth understanding of how to maximise the amount of
shaded space on any property. Supporting domestic clients as well as commercial, educational, and
governmental organisations, our extensive capabilities make us well-equipped to handle even the
largest installations.

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