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Playground & Pool Sun Shade Sails.

Elite is the most trusted supplier of shade products since 1999. Our company’s success has been built around our strong relationship with our clients and our vast product range, specialising in tension fabric structures.

Our vast product range covers projects ranging from residential and commercial to educational institutions. Our range of products is not just limited to shade sails or shade structures, we also supply and install commercial style umbrellas which are fully wind rated.  Our reputation has been built upon supplying Newcastle, Sydney, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast with products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are safe and functional..
Since Elite Shade and Sails’ establishment in 1999, the company has set out to be an industry leader in customer service. Our staff epitomises our commitment to customer service, with over 20 years experience designing and supplying shade sails for the communities of Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast.

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Maximise Your Space & Enhance Your Lifestyle With Our Shade Sail Design


Maximising Space

As we learn more about the health effects of overexposure to the sun’s rays we realise that strategically placed sun shade structures not only provide aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space in outdoor locations, but they are also a sound investment in personal or public health. In tropical and subtropical locations the sun’s rays are much stronger than in the more temperate geographical zones. Protection from direct rays is not only a health concern but also a comfort issue.

Here at Elite Shade and Sails we have been designing and making Tension fabric structures as well as awnings and commercial grade umbrellas since 1999. For those of you who are interested in waterproof shade sails, Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle & the Hunter Valley are all locations where you can find us. We are more than happy to come to your home and work out the details for a well-designed shade structure that will not only improve the looks and value of your home, but will add useable outdoor space to your property as well.

Quality Workmanship

Pool shade sails can be designed as tension fabric structures that will be anchored in the corners of your rectangular pool or more creative geometries can be employed for round, oblong or orthogonal pool shapes.

Here at Elite Shade and Sails we provide a 5 year warranty on all of our designs and products and there is no charge for the initial design work. All of our sun shade structures are designed to complement your home and exterior. We will match colour schemes and architecture as needed to provide you with a comfortable and appealing shelter from the sun’s rays as well as the occasional rainstorm.

We also offer commercial shade sails for applications such as public swimming pools, wineries and resorts, to name but a few. Playgrounds, hotels, and outdoor cafes are some of our more popular installations. Our design engineers are standing by to evaluate your own shade needs and are eager to show you how an investment in a well-constructed tension fabric shade structure can improve the usable space and quality of your outdoor environment.

Playground Shade Sails

When comparing geographical markets for sun shade sails, Australia and regions in Southeast Asia, have some of the most direct sun’s rays hitting their surfaces of any place on earth. As the technology and material science advances in recent years have made shade sails online a popular source of shade products, there is a need to consider the design and installation skills needed to create an acceptable product for each application.

At Elite Shade and Sails we can leverage our engineering background to create tension fabric structures that can be installed and adapted to not only shield the customer from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but to also create lighting, misting and even heating capability within the space under the sail.

Technology and science have combined to allow us to take the harshness out of the outdoor climate without impacting the pleasure and enjoyment of an outdoor environment. We encourage you to take time to stop into one our 3 NSW locations and let us show you how a shade sail can enhance your property and lifestyle.